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Flights Airlines

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Keeping in the mind the needs and necessities of customers around the world, site is equipped with some of the best tools of navigation. This helps you pick and choose your airfare, deals and discounts for a particular date of journey with ease and convenience. This can be done even if you are not a tech-savvy traveler. Each of us has a varied travel interest and the website has all the necessary information and details to make your ticket booking the easiest here along with the affordable trappings of budget-friendly airfare on every route and destination you think of.                

We travel because we want to and we love to travel but apart from this we also travel because of business and personal emergencies. Travelling has to be convenient, hassle-free and easy and most importantly it should not hamper the budget. With this in mind, created a one- stop destination for all the flight booking requirements. With flight prices reaching the clouds these days, the cutting edge and unique search technology crawls through hundreds of carrier website to provide the customer with accurate and relevant information so that they don’t have to stand in long queue to talk to the travel agent. The main aim of the website is to give genuine information to the customers regarding the airlines. Here, you will get information regarding everything related to the airline. Keep on reading to find out more.

Operating Area Of The Flights Airlines

Delta Airlines1000+60+9
America Airlines350+50+10
United Airlines190+748
Air Canada Airlines222+47+4
Lufthansa Airlines235+80+2
Emirates Airways161+85+1
Qatar Airways160+82+1
British Airways170+70+2
Etihad Airways72+44+1
Southwest Airlines100+710
Spirit Airlines74+187
Air China Airlines200+44+4
Turkish Airlines300+123+2

Baggage Allowance Of The Airlines

Refer to the table below to find out the information for check-in and hand baggage allowance of the airlines. Note that baggage allowance depends on the airline and the destination. To know more, you can connect with the travel agents like Flights Airlines anytime. They will provide you all the information you need in an instance.

AirlinesCheck-In BaggageHand Baggage
Delta Airlines22kg
America Airlines23kg23kg
United Airlines23kg23kg
Air Canada Airlines23kg23kg
Lufthansa Airlines23kg each piece8kg
Emirates Airways30kg7kg
Qatar Airways32kg15kg and 7kg (depending on the class)
British Airways23kg each piece23kg
Etihad Airways30kg7kg
Southwest Airlines23kg
Spirit Airlines23kg18kg
Air China Airlines32kgWeight varies depending on the class
Turkish Airlines30kg8kg

Check-In Information

Everyone is aware about how to do web check in. As airlines try to make things easier by automating the process, web check-in is a win-win innovation which is beneficial for everyone. With web-check-in the customer can easily choose their favored seats and print boarding pass before reaching the airport. But online check-in has their certain limit that depends from airline to airline and you should be aware of it. So, here we at Flights Airlines have provided the list of some international airlines and what policies do they follow. Check below to know more.

Online check-in facility provided by the airlines:

Flights Airlines

If you are planning to travel in Emirates then you have to enter your surname and PNR number to initiate your check-in. You will be issued an e-boarding pass after the check-in process is completed. The customer can check-in online between 48 hours and 90 min before the departure of the flight. So, make sure to reach the airport 90 mins before the departure or if you are planning to fly in Etihad the customer can check in online between 24hours to 2 hours before the departure of the flight. With just a few clicks you can choose your preferred seat and print the e-boarding pass. Make sure to reach the airport before 45 mins of the departure.

So, you can clearly see that the check-in policies varies from airline to airline. If you want to know more about other international flights check-in details then you can connect with the travel expert of Flights Airlines and they help you by giving the relevant information.

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